Meet an archaeologist in a conference-workshop at school.


Offer your grade school, high school or college students the opportunity to discover archaeology and aboriginal cultures in class with an interactive presentation where participants can handle reproductions, observe demonstrations, experiment concepts and/or craft an object.


The elementary-secondary school program is designed along the guidelines of the Quebec school program to introduce the subject of Aboriginal people and develop the competencies of the Social universe, Science & technology, and Arts.


The college program aims to develop an interest in anthropology as a multidisciplinary science by presenting different approaches to study human evolution, prehistoric technologies, subsistence techniques and complex societies.

Each activity allows to:

· Discover the diversity and ingenuity of aboriginal technologies

· Handle tools and objects made with natural materials

· Observe demonstrations drawn from tradition and experimentation

· Experiment tools and techniques used in the past

· Understand the contribution of archaeology to social sciences

· Gain a better understanding of aboriginal cultures

· Develop an open mind about human diversity

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