A wide selection of archaeological and ethnographic reproductions of the Eastern Woodlands, the Northwest Coast and the Arctic of Canada. No synthetics, no simulations, all is realistic and functional.


Our work is based on archaeological and ethnographic research to produce objects that are scientifically documented, tested by experimentation and respectful of traditions. Each object is made by hand with traditional techniques and natural materials such as wood, bark, bone, antler, leather and stone as well as some recycled materials like steel. Most of our reproductions are made following a complete process from the raw materials to the finished object.


Our reproductions are functional creations based on knowledge acquired through experimental archaeology. We search museum collections and available documents to reproduce the typical characteristics of each artifact within the limits of observable variability. Every object is thus unique and may be customized for your needs. We can also reproduce specific artifacts based on information provided by our clients.


Our objective is to provide quality crafts that can be experienced as they would have been when they were a part of everyday life. For a complete educative experience and exhibition purposes, every object comes with a documentary sheet including use and care instructions.


Our work follows professional ethics for the protection of the archaeological record, public health and biodiversity. Since stone objects cannot be dated out of context, our reproductions are engraved with a discrete mark to avoid confusion with real artifacts. Our reproductions in organic materials are inspected and if necessary sterilized to avoid the propagation of  microorganisms. No endangered species or prohibited materials are used according to Quebec legislation.


Over a hundred reproductions:

· Wood working tools

· Leather working tools

· Hunting tools

· Fishing tools

· Toys

· And more

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Artifact reproduction repairs for museums and educational institutions


Your educative collection has been around for a long time and it could use some maintenance? It is often less expensive to repair a damaged reproduction than to buy a new one. No matter where your reproductions were made, we can reassemble, replace parts or improve the general appearance of any object.

Artifact set with fragmented pieces and complete objects for fieldwork simulations


Woodland period, Iroquoian culture. Includes illustrated documentary sheets. Price: 160.00$


Content: Polished stone axe or adze head (complete or fragmented), stone pestle, chert arrow point, chert scraper, chert biface fragment or drill, chert flakes, soapstone bead, slate gorget fragment, phalange toy part, bone harpoon fragment, bone fish hook fragment, bone needle fragment, bone awl fragment, various bone fragments, pottery sherds.


Each fragment represents 50% of the artifact with typical characteristics allowing for the extrapolation of form and the identification of function.

· Resharpening and hafting of knapped and polished stone tools

· Reshaping and reconditioning of bone objects

· Replacement of synthetic materials by natural ones

· Improvement on the performance of various instruments

· Consolidation of fragile assemblages


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